Morgan|21 years old|DSU| From Vegas
Fear not, for that I am with you.
Isaiah 41:10




Just a couple of random images of the two loves of my life over the past two years <3 The last picture of the three of us being the most recent, taken in the fall.  

Can’t believe we are here, and we have our daughter.

gorgeous family!



The Lyrical Portfolios Of Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists (via forbes)

From Beats by Dre to Roc Nation Sports, the portfolios of the Forbes Five include a diverse range of investments. Birdman, Jay Z and Diddy have sought profits in liquor while every member retains some income through music and label activities. But what would these artists’ portfolios look like if they reflected the assets most frequently mentioned in verse?

Words by Natalie Robehmed / @natrobe

oil? damn Jay ok